Camp@Home – Monday (Week 4 – Youth)

Longing to Be Heard
Jonah 4
Ages 12-18

Welcome! We’re so excited you’re here. How excited, you ask? So excited we got the Bishop to open our week at camp! Bishop Steiner Ball is the Resident Bishop of the West Virginia Conference. She loves singing and dropping complex scriptural truth with such ease that you’ll ask yourself “did I really just hear that?!?” You’re so lucky to have her as our Bishop!

Suggested Schedule:
• 9:00 a.m. | Morning Devotional
• 9:30 a.m. | Activities Time
• Noon | Lunch Break
• Varies | Small Group Time
• 3:30 p.m. | Evening Campfire

Prayer Station with Sarah 

Sarah shows you how she creates a sacred place to pray in her dorm room and shares tips for creating your own prayer space. Sarah also explains how she uses prayer stations as a starting point for prayer.

Prayer Catapult with Louisa

Campers at Spring Heights enjoy archery each week. Today Louisa will show you how to make your own catapult so you can launch prayers to God!

Prayer Collage with Gavin

Did you know that you can pray with all your senses? Join Gavin to learn how to pray using scissors, magazine, and glue!

At Spring Heights Camp and Retreat Center, we always sing grace before praying for a meal. We’ll be teaching you a new song each day of the week!

Lunch Grace – Rock N Roll Grace

We’re gonna thank him in the morning noon and night!

Silly Song – Pizza Man

I’m gonna be a pizza man!

At Spring Heights Camp and Retreat Center we LOVE the Hippo Song! In fact, we start every campfire with the Hippo Song.

Invite your family to learn the Hippo Song with you this week and spread the joy and laughter that the Hippo Song brings. God made all of us and celebrating creation can be so much fun!

Bonus Dance Video!

Each day, Monday through Thursday, we’ll show you a different part of this dance. Then on Friday, we’ll put it all together!

Don’t forget to join your Small Group! This is like Circle Time at camp, except over a video call. 

Campers will join a Zoom call with a camp counselor to explore the Bible, play games together, and to show what they have created during activity time! Instructions on how to join a Zoom call

What a great first day! We’ll worship God through song and then Megan and Louisa help us process what we’ve learned today. We’ll close out a great first day with prayer!