Camp@Home – Tuesday (Week 4 – Children)

Longing for Guidance
1 Kings 3:7-15
Ages 5-11

Start your day off right with Rev. Chip Bennett! Pastor Chip is a camp enthusiast from way back, and each summer he spends a week at camp. He is the perfect person to welcome you to the Spring Heights family!

Suggested Schedule:
• 9:00 a.m. | Morning Devotional
• 9:30 a.m. | Activities Time
• Noon | Lunch Break
• Varies | Small Group Time
• 3:30 p.m. | Evening Campfire

Prayer stones with Louisa and Meg

Today we’re going to paint a rock, as we paint the rock we’re going to pray for the person who will find it!

Chalk Talk with Gavin

God guided King Solomon through prayer in a dream. Today we’re going to invite God to guide us using chalk!

Trail mix with Megan

Just like King Solomon you can ask God to help you make good choices and guide you each day.

Lunch Grace – God is Great Grace

God is great, God is good!

Silly Song – Swimming

Swimming swimming, Swimming

He’s my Rock

Don’t forget to join your Small Group! This is like Circle Time at camp, except over a video call. 

Campers will join a Zoom call with a camp counselor to explore the Bible, play games together, and to show what they have created during activity time! Instructions on how to join a Zoom call

Day two is done! Does this seems like it is going quickly to anyone else? Tonight we’ll gather around the campfire with Sarah and Shawna – they’ll teach us a meditative prayer. Prayer can be done so many different ways!