Option One

Click the link below that corresponds with the age of your camper! 

You will find all that you need for Spring Heights Camp@Home!

Monday, Option 1

Tuesday, Option 1

Wednesday, Option 1

Thursday, Option 1

Friday, Option 1

Option Two

Monday, Option 2

Tuesday, Option 2

Wednesday, Option 2

Thursday, Option 2

Friday, Option 2

A great big THANK YOU goes to the following people for making Camp@Home happen:

The WVUMC Communication team: Rev. Deborah Coble, Cassie Kile, Abbi Blosser

The Spring Heights Staff: Amy Mullins, Megan DiLorenzo, Shawna Stanley, Louisa Smith, Sarah Wilmoth, Gavin Brandenburg, Shea James

Pastors: Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball, Rev. Chip Bennett, Rev. Maria Wiblin, Rev. Heather Moore, Rev. Barry Steiner Ball, Rev. Joe Webb, Rev. David Johnston

Special guests: Lydia Goldberg (Make a Change, Option 2 Friday), Austin Rutland (Sing Language interpreter, Option 2 Monday)

And the Conference Staff who proofread and copied things for us! Angela Jones, Karen Thaxton, and Chris Ridgway