Day & Activity Rentals

Swimming Pool

Spring Heights boasts an 80′ x 40′ swimming pool which is available seasonally for use by your church, family or other group. Plan aquatic activities as part of your retreat program, or just enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in and around the pool. A large shower house is also available with changing areas, showers and restrooms for men and women. The adjacent pavilion makes this an ideal location for your picnic or cookout. 

All Children and Youth groups must have adequate adult leadership.  Each child under 10 years must be accompanied by an adult. The pool cannot open during thunder, lightning or heavy rain.

Rental Rate: $150.00 per three-hours

Picnic Shelters

Rustic Village Pavilion

Our Rustic Village Pavilion is located at the Camp Center beside our Swimming Pool. This pavilion is ideal for use with our pool for cookouts, family reunions, or other outdoor events.

Rental Rate: $100.00 per day

Lake Pavilion

Our Lake Pavilion is located at the Retreat Center, and is close to our lake at Spring Heights. Pricing for lake access and activities is located below in the Miscellaneous section.

Rental Rate: $100.00 per day


Challenge Course

The Challenge Course at Spring Heights is a series of outdoor, experiential learning activities designed to build interpersonal skills in seven areas:

  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Self-Esteem
  • Trust

Any or all of these skills can be emphasized as a trained Facilitator leads your adult, youth or family group through a program designed for them. Challenge Course activities and rentals are designed around 2-hour Program Blocks. 

Types of  Rope/Challenge Programs

Lows: Our Low course consists of several group problem-solving activities. After each activity, the facilitator leads the group in a debrief to discuss which skills were used, what could have been done differently, and how these skills apply to situations off the course. Our Lows Program can be completed in one Program Block.

Highs: Our High course features a four-sided tower with rock wall, vertical playground, centipede, and dangle duo climbs, as well as several traverses from the tower. Participants learn how to climb and assist the facilitator during belaying. Our Highs Program can be completed in one or two Program Blocks.

Entire Course: The Highs and Lows courses are designed to be completed together, with both individual and team challenges. To complete both the Lows and Highs courses, at least two Program Blocks are required. More time may be necessary depending on the size of the group participating. 

Challenge Course Rates

Lows: $15.00 per person for every 2-hour Program Block
Highs: $25.00 per person for every 2-hour Program Block

Other Information
  • Minimum age for the course is 9 years (higher for some events). Each child under 13 years must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Minimum group size is 8 persons. Groups larger than 20 will be divided into smaller groups.
  • While there is a perception of risk in some of the events, all activities are carried out with the highest safety standards.
  • In the event of inclement weather, all outdoor activities need to be reviewed and/or canceled.
  • The Challenge Course is very effective for adult groups such as Boards or Committees or as the skills development portion of a Planning Retreat.
  • Closed toe, closed heel shoes must be worn at the Challenge Course. Shorts must be at least finger-tip length.

Disc Golf Course

Spring Heights has a 9 hole, professional disc golf course at our Retreat Center. Please give us a call if you would like to play.

Frisbee Disc Rental Rate: $5.00

Wagon Ride

We offer wagon rides at our Camp and Retreat Centers. Wagon rides have a limit of 30 passengers per ride.

Rate: $45.00 per ride


Our lake at the Retreat Center is home to our fleet of canoes. Enjoy a peaceful outing on our lake!

Rate: $20.00 per hour

Horseback Riding

Spring Heights is home to many animals, including our team of horses. Horseback riding builds confidence and patience. For more information about our barn and scheduling a time to ride, please call our office.

Rate: $25.00 per person per hour